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Thank you for considering Greenwood Hybrid Seed. We are very competitively priced for a proven, quality product that will perform for you! If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please contact us.

We have NON-GMO seed available! We also have TRUE tropical seed corn available as well!

The Greenwood plant breeders test 250 to 300 new potential varieties each year. Only 10 to 15 of these varieties survive the company's rigorous standards and are involved in further testing. Company standards are so strict that less than one new variety can be expected to be released each year. A commercially released variety has usually withstood three years of rigorous testing before it's release.

For grain production hybrids are selected by the breeders for specific qualities or attributes. Some of the main selection criteria are: grain quality, shuck coverage, stable high yields, drought resistance, insect resistance and disease resistance. Potential new varieties are also analyzed and selected for higher oil and protein content.

Potential silage varieties are selected for the same basic traits as the grain varieties and for several very important special characteristics.  Greenwood Silage Hybrids are also selected for digestible fiber. There is a large difference between hybrids in the digestibility of the fodder (stalk, leaf, shuck and cob) by ruminant animals.

Greenwood has developed a very large genetic pool of silage hybrids over the last 50 years. However until recently top tonnage was all that was considered as important. Today, fodder digestibility has been added by researchers and demanded by dairymen because of it's effect on economic milk production. The direct connection between high fodder digestibility and increased milk production has become generally accepted through out the dairy industry.

Since Greenwood developed varieties (Greenwood and Sunbelt) have always been known as top tonnage hybrids, careful attention to selection for digestibility of each of these hybrids has kept the Greenwood Hybrids as the premier silage hybrids for the Southeast region. Now only varieties that are top in both tonnage and digestibility are on the market as Greenwood Hybrids.